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    Daniel Schnapp has worked on many notable cases, including representation of a major snack food manufacturer, representation of an award-winning R&B group in a trademark dispute, representation of a telemarketing company in a claims fraud case, lead counsel in trial before the U.S. District Court, S.D.N.Y. in a case regarding trademark, trade dress, and copyright infringement, and lead counsel in trial before the U.S. Bankruptcy Court (judgment in favor of Daniel's client), S.D.N.Y. in a case regarding allegations of misappropriation of corporate assets (judgment in favor of Daniel's client).

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    No economic market in the world has been completely unaffected by COVID-19.  For those who have made investments in art, it is now essential that they protect that investment. Daniel Schnapp discusses a few important methods available to help art investors do just that. Many auction houses were...
    According to Daniel Schnapp, there is no denying that the recording industry is highly competitive and that singers and songwriters alike are protective of their works – as they should be. New York attorney, Daniel Schnapp, discusses how the evolving legal and technological landscape is affecting...
    Involving one of the most anticipated rulings in copyright law in recent years, last summer finally saw an end to the case against famous British rock band Led Zeppelin over their hit song, Stairway to Heaven. Centered around the so-called Inverse Ratio Rule, attorney Daniel Schnapp looks back on...
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